There aren’t many things we look forward to more than The Burton US Open of Snowboarding. From it’s humble beginnings in Vermont to it’s current perch 8,000 feet above sea level in Vail, Colorado, the Open is a rare gem of a gathering that has kept it’s soul intact over the course of 36 turbulent years. This year’s Open, coming right on the tail of a stressful Olympic year, felt even more like it was meant to feel – a celebration of the sport and lifestyle, with some friendly competition thrown in. Over the course of 6 near perfect days of sunny spring conditions TheGoodLife! Familia lived the high life to the fullest, mobbing the woods in search of elusive huts, joining more than 80 people on the legendary “Minturn Mile” backcountry mission, taking in mind blowing snowboarding in slopestyle and halfpipe, and kicking it with all of our Burton Fam til near dawn, until getting up to do it all over again. From the Mile High Tour with our friends at High End Transportation to the Apr├Ęs Chalet with the Dope Roots Crew, every part of the 2018 US Open was just right. We can’t wait til next year! Check out the whole experience in film by Craig Wetherby after the jump. Words by Tim Brodhagen.

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Carnival of Olinda.

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Olinda, Brasil ’18
Julio Pardo.


Flying high above NYC with NYONair.

Craig Wetherby