Climbing Icicles

WILL_GADD_ICE_by_Jimmy_ChinWe continue our series with Sports Illustrated and Jimmy Chin with a shot of ice climber Will Gadd, who this year became the first person to ice climb Niagara Falls. “There’s something primal about swinging ice axes and kicking crampons into ice. Will Gadd has been getting primal for a long time. Here he is climbing ice in the Ghost Wilderness of Alberta, Canada. Besides being one of the best ice climbers in the world, he’s also one of the most motivated and good natured people in the adventure world.” – Jimmy Chin

6th Annual 100 Mile 9/11 Tribute Roll

9-11ROLL09While it is a somber day for many, there are a group of New Yorkers that have found a way to commemorate September 11th each year in a way that celebrates the world’s greatest city just as we mourn both the lives and the freedoms lost on that fateful date in 2001. Conceived by Mike Saes as part of his Bridge Rollers initiative and adopted by TheGoodLife! crew from jump, the annual one hundred mile 9/11 Tribute Roll is now in it’s 6th year and has turned a day of infamy into one of our most looked forward to days of the year. This year everything was right: the weather, the route, the crew, and all of the amazing people who encouraged us along the way. Shit, even the NYPD was cool, not pressing us for a bit of public consumption and allowing us to mob in the streets like in the days of old. From Brooklyn to Queens to Manhattan to The Bronx, to a quick stint in Jersey to Staten Island and finally back to the World Trade Center site, it was a journey that can barely be described. Fortunately we have video by Hugh Grand & photos by Craig Wetherby to tell the tale. Join us on a hell of a ride after the jump! #NEVERFORGET

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Fear the Beard

James Harden by Edward GramsBrooklyn, Summer 2013 – Nike Tournament of Champions
5 minutes earlier I was on the outside looking in. I had my phone held to the glass with a note looking for a press pass, for anyone who’d take 5 seconds to read. Finally, a kind soul wrangled a credential, walked me straight to the floor, the whistle blew, huddles formed and here we were: Team Harden. – Eddie Grams