DIY Days


Locate materials, find a spot to prop ’em up, get busy trickin, this is the DIY spirit we love! Thompson Bond with the Nollie Backside Heelflip on a lucky find while taking a piss break. Blotto

Fall Surroundings


Getting our pedal, walk, pedal on while enjoying the fall foliage around Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. In between the various cold fronts and rain you can still get out and enjoy all the wonderful colors nature is sending us into winter with. Another great time of the year! Blotto

Camp Nice 2016!

Living in New York City is still an endlessly unpredictable and addictive adventure. The city satisfies our craving for unlimited experience, a single place where all of the world’s wonders are available to sample. But it’s absolutely true that the more time we spend in this mechanized, man-made grid, the further we get from the parts of us that are connected to the earth. While this may sound to some as a bit of over the top romanticism, we can say with certainty that our week-long camping experience known as Camp Nice had a profound effect on the diverse group of humans who attended. A week of communal living, for some with total strangers, a week of both trust and dependence, a week of learning and sharing, a week of reclamation, Camp Nice was all those things and more. Over the course of the week leading up to the Autumnal Equinox, more than forty New Yorkers came to the same realization that giving up everything the city provides us is also the way to stay in love with it. Along the way we made new friends and learned that together we could thrive anywhere as long as we did it together. In the weeks since Camp Nice, we have all become closer and its apparent even in the small details, we’re no longer just “city friends” prone to leaving a text unanswered or plans vaguely committed to, we are now Camp Nicer’s and will forever be on call for our fellow campers. Thanks to our friends at Burton Snowboards and Burton Girls for being an integral part in the Camp Nice experience and of course thank you to everyone who attended. Now get ready to relive the entire experience in beautiful photography by Craig Wetherby, Dean “Blotto” Gray, and Eddie Grams. We can’t wait to see everyone and more next year!

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